Real Life..

Patient looks and me and says, “Frank, how was your weekend? I hope it was good”

I replied, “yes it was, went out to eat with family, went to church too”

patient looks me dead in the eyes and says “Enjoy those moments, cherish them, because when your my age, the memories are all you got, it doesn’t matter how much money you make in life, because you can never make enough, you make 40, you want 50, you make 50 you want 60. Don’t fall for that mind set, it’s all an illusion that our minds play on us, this greed for money. Love the moments with your family, those are what you will remember. I know the Lord will be calling me soon and I don’t wanna be here when he does, so I’m going home to my wife, I wanna enjoy my family. We will see each other again.”

This conversation is tattooed on my heart………………..