Trust in the Lo…

Trust in the Lord..


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths, they that wait up on the lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall  walk and not faint, fear thou not for I am with you, be not dismayed for I am your God, and I will strengthen you, and  I will help you, and  I will hold you up with the right hand of my righteousness; Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made unto God, and the peace of God that surpasses all comprehension shall defend your hearts and minds in Christ, Jesus. I will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me, because you trust in me. For the grass withers and the flower fades, but the word of our God shall stand forever. Amen.


Stress Buster..

žHow do you handle stress..??

žStress Vs. Adversity

  • žAdversity is the external circumstances that are presented in everyday life.
  • Everybody faces adversity whether saved or unsaved (Matthew 7:24-27)
  • Adversity will come in various forms whether you like it or not (not optional)

žStress Vs. Adversity

  • žStress is the internal reaction to adversity
  • Once an adverse situation occurs the individual will internalize the situation
  • After the initial reaction it is the option of that person to allow that adversity to cause stress
  • Therefor stress is optional ž

žCoping ž


  • Without the knowledge and application of bible doctrine, the unbeliever or immature believer is in a constant state of stress, anxiety, depression and regression
  • žIn order to deal with these internal issue they will turn to external temporary means of coping such as drugs, sex, materialism, music, relationships, etc..
  • žThrough all this the issue that caused the initial problem still lingers and is waiting from them whenever the stimulus is gone ž

Biblical Stress Buster’s

ž žConfession ž1 John 1:9

  • “Confess means to say the same thing about sin that God does” (C. Ryrie) acknowledgement of your wrong doing
  • At the instance we confess our sins God cleanses us from all unrighteousness
  • At this point we are cleansed and able to be in fellowship with God, which allows for growth and doctrine application

 žFilled by the Spirit žEphesians 5:18

  • All believers are sealed with the holy spirit at salvation but not all are filled, to be filled is a repetitive action which is based whether we are cleansed
  • Through the filling of the spirit a Christian is able to apply doctrine to daily problems that occur
  • Also the spirit is that which brings to mind the promises God has made to us, when we apply these promises to a situation, we are then walking not by sight but by faith
  • Do you know any promises God has made to believers???

žFaith Rest Drill ž1 Peter 1:3-4 (Sanctification)

After learning to walk by the Spirit the believer can then have the capacity to understand the faithfulness of God (Romans 8:11-15)

At this stage the believer is growing in the “TRUE” understanding of God, that he is faithful in his word

By putting faith, and being rest assured on the word, the believer can live life with a relaxed mental attitude

žGrace and Doctrine Orientation/Application ž2 Peter 3:18

  • We cannot grow to maturity without the knowledge of what and who God is
  • In order to handle life stresses we must grow and apply doctrine, in order to apply doctrine which is needed to grow, you need to know doctrine
  • In order to know doctrine you need to study doctrine
  • Without this we will be no different than the unbeliever and get caught away with every adverse situation žStress Buster

Confess your sin → Learn Doctrine→ Walk by means of the Spirit → Apply Doctrine→ Grow by grace and faith → Trust God



  • žIn order to truly live a life as a Christian we must learn to actually believe what the word of God says
  • žThis is essential for the growth of a believer that can be used for the furtherance of the kingdom
  • žSpiritual laziness will leave a believer in a state of insecurity regarding their relationship with the Lord ž
  • žGod has given each of us the ability to live in the perfect peace that comes with our salvation žIt is up to the volition of the individual to accept and apply this ž
  • The problem is not sin, sin was paid for on the cross, the problem is growth, without growth sin will remain an issue ž
  • {Matthew 10:29-31} žIf God’s eyes are on the sparrows and he watches over them, why would he not watch over his children.




The Big Bang ta…

The Big Bang taken to a Sociological conclusion..

“The universe beneath you, above you, in front of you, and behind you is an Infinite Impersonal “It”. You and your “personal” nature differ only in degree from It’s electrons and protons. In the Chain of Being, your thinking, talking, emotions, loving, and artistic expressions are merely surface appearances on a reality that is basically impersonal. You and other humans are really only person-like bubbles floating for the moment on an impersonal ocean of chance. Ultimately, you and other humans are ALONE.”

Charles Clough

Biblical Love..


Impersonal Love (Biblical Love)

—Impersonal love is a love based on the characteristics of the one giving the love and not that of the one receiving the love.

In the statement “I love you” The subject “I” would be emphasized in this love relationship.

Impersonal love has no basis on merits of the receiver and ultimately is not influenced by the actions of the receiver.

—This is the foundation of all love, and is what is taught in scripture. Thus the term “impersonal” denotes a love based on no personal circumstances of the object being loved.

(John 3:16) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

—(John 13:34-35 )A new commandment I give to you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

—(1 John 4:7) Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loves is born of God, and knows God.


Personal Love

—Personal love is a love that emphasizes the object being loved, In the statement, “I LOVE YOU” it would emphasize the “YOU”

—This means the love for the object is based on some intimacy, relationship or act on part of the person being loved

This type of love is thus conditional, and does not present to us the type of love we as believers are to share for others

Personal love is a love that goes beyond just character, but is based on also close ties and relation ship. Which is circumstantial.

—When properly applied this type of love is built upon the foundation of impersonal love, and this strengthens the love that one can share from another.

—In the scripture when God is the subject and believers are the object the term (phileo) which denotes a personal friendship is used to describe the love relationship.



 —The most powerful fruit of the spirit of God is love, because on the act of love is where God established his kingdom. For him to come down to Earth as a man to die for the evilness and sins of man is the ultimate portrayal of impersonal Love.

As true ambassadors of Christ we must show through our lives and actions the truth of a Godly biblical love, not love like the world calls it but the love which God has put into our hearts.

Our love shouldn’t be emotionally charged, but be a biblical impersonal love as the foundation. Through God’s word we are reminded that his actions for mankind were done because he loved us, not in our perfect state, but in our sinful, arrogant, rebellious state, and at the perfect time revealed himself to us, allowing us to have eternal life.

We must press on to attaining all the spiritual gifts but most of all we MUST attain LOVE.

Do you act black???


“He don’t act black..”

“She act like a white girl..”

Words of ignorance too many times spewed from the mouths people who have fallen victim to a stereotypical presumption about the character of an individual. Has anyone ever told you that? “You act like a (insert not black race), or you don’t act black. The question that comes to my mind is, what are you really asking? That’s the question we should ask anybody that tries to imply that being born with a darker pigmentation of melanin denotes a certain pattern of behavior.

So what do people consider acting black anyways. Are you not acting black because you use proper sentence structures when you speak, or is it because every other word out of your mouth is not derogatory. Or let me take another swing at it, are you not acting black because you wear your pants at waist level, say ma’am and sir, and respect your elders. Could it be because you worked hard to attain a college education, or is it the fact that you are faithful to one spouse, serve God with all your heart and try to be a descent person. 

If those are the standards for acting black, or being a real “nigga” then I will pass on that label. Why is it that the criteria to which being a black person in America today is one that is associated with negativity. And to add insult to injury we are the ones who propel these stereotypes by playing into the hands of a mindset that places our humanity in the bondage of an ideological propaganda. Our music tells our young men like me to kill each other, rob each other, and hate each other. It tells our women that beauty is not intrinsic, but external, reduced to a fat butt and Indian hair. And worst of all, we march along to that tune, too drunk off our own self deception to perceive the poison we as a culture ingest. 

I was once ignorant, portraying a preconceived notion of what i figured I was supposed to be as a black man. Until a light was sparked, this light was my understanding that even in my ignorance God saw it fit to accept me, and not only that, he gave me the opportunity to become a better human. that’s all is about, being a better human. I was broken free from the mental shackles placed on me by this society, free to be a man, free to be human, free to be me. When God created each one of us he made us in his image, each one a unique being, given the tools to be an instrument for impact. To break beyond the limits of racial characterization and be unique in the aspect of not conforming to societal expectations.

Well my name is Frank, I use proper sentence structures when I talk, I try not to disrespect other people, I respect my elders, My pants don’t sag, I wish one day to be a husband of one woman and a father to my children, and I am BLACK.




Worth and value are not based on intrinsic qualities, but based on the means one will go to posses that item, if you were stranded on an island diamonds and gold would be worthless compared to food and fresh water, so as I contemplate this thought I stand in awe that God wanted me so bad that he would go to the point of death to free and adopt me, so my worth is not based on anything material but on the price my God and creator placed on my life and yours on the cross…

Noah “The Athiest Depiction of God”

Russell Crowe as Noah
Whenever you get anything biblical on screen it tends to draw out people from all aspects of the philosophical gradient. I myself am already skeptical of what if anything could possibly be accurate about a blockbuster creation of an event in history as versed in the Bible. So as I approach these type of films I do so with a diligent caution and with critical thinking intact. The hope of most films is to insert an underlying, covert message to the lowered guards of the viewers mind through outlandish cinematic graphics and music that tunes you into the right state of emotion. “Noah” did not fail to prove my caution just. I would say it is mind boggling to me how any one who is a Christian can praise such a film, in fact it is a very awkward and uncomfortable film to sit through if you are one with any type of biblical literacy. So it floors me as I have read Christians who are applauding the film.

What makes this film so offensive is that it steals an account in the Bible, inserts it with all types of ism’s and then packages it as a “creative” retelling of a bible “epic”. The creators of the film perform this act of mental deception so covertly and subtly that if one is not keen on these ideological positions, they can be easily mislead. Regardless of the subtle statements the film makes that undermine and in my opinion attack God’s character, there is still an overt sense one gets, that “something isn’t right about this” feeling you get when you watch “Noah”.

As I sat watching this movie I was wishing I had brought a pen and pad to jot down a few of these subtle nuances that can easily be taken for just creative story telling, in hope to share my thoughts with others. So I did the second best thing and used my cell phones pad. As I examined as best as I could scene after scene I was able to notice a few things that I will state. These things are from a one time view of them film, I am sure after repeated study of the film, one can make a comprehensive conclusion about the true aim of the creators of this movie.

Frank’s Notes From “Noah”

The fallen angels (demons) are praised as victims who are being punished for an attempt to help humanity who they loved, and God is just punishing them for trying to help. This brings to mind the stories of gnostic religions who put the Devil as a friend of mankind and God as the bad guy who won’t leave humanity alone. (In the real Bible these fallen angels are attempting to destroy mankind and are part of Satan’s army aiming to ruin the plan of salvation and God’s grace to humanity.)

In the film there is no use of the word “GOD”, just an ambiguous term “The Creator” which could be anything or force, whether nature, chance, energy, or whatever anyone attributes the origin of existence to. (This is consistent with the fact that most of the people involved in the films creation do not believe in God.)

Talking to God in the film is only a subjective experience that is put into motion by dreams or being under the influence of a mind altering substance. Noah is the only one who talks to God, not his children or wife, we as the audience do not get any empirical data through the whole entire film that God even is there. In the Genesis passages God speaks empirically to humans using words, and not in subjective feelings or trance like states. (Once again this shows to the audience that communicating with God during those days was no more that “liver quiver” as my pastor would say, just pure mysticism and not an objective reality. Even though in those days God spoke to men as stated in Genesis)

There is a form of environmentalism in the movie that places the emphasis on the animals salvation and man needing to be killed off for the sake of the animals, rather than for the salvation of humanity itself. Noah’s character would be the first environmentalist in history then, placing animal life above humans, and claiming this was God’s plan. The character of Noah was clueless to the fact that God’s plan was to save him because he was the only believer with his family in those days. (In the bible God laid out his plan to Noah and there was never any misunderstanding of what he was to do)

In the film, Noah killed people in order to keep them from entering the ark, it was for him and his family alone. And God just hated everybody else and wanted to use Noah because “he would get the job done” by saving the animals and then dying off to leave earth free from humanity. (When the Bible states that God gave humanity 120 years of warning to turn to him and away from their wickedness, and not one person accepted God’s grace but all continued as evil as ever.)

This one was the most subtle and disturbing part of the film. There is a scene in which Noah gives the Genesis Ch. 1 account of creation and as your hear Russell Crow’s voice stating the Genesis account, you are shown an evolutionary view of creation. Starting with a “BIG BANG” that parallels the phrase from the Bible “let there be light”, and then the consequent evolution from cells to fish to amphibians to mammals and the last thing you see before you see a human is a MONKEY, and magically the scene changes and then you see Adam and Eve walking in the garden as the evolved creatures of this “creation” process. (This was a very disturbing visual for me, not because of the message itself but for these people to use “Noah” as a vessel to push their ideology on the sheeple of society, but what do you expect..)

I could go on and on,  and I did not include the just overt biblical inaccuracies this movie had because those were just obvious. Like in the film only one of Noah’s sons had a wife, and not all three. I chose just a few major ideological views the movie portrayed in order to just shed some light on those who might not understand the implications that these convey.

God is shown as some impersonal force out of touch with his creation and he has no true control over our lives except to destroy. As a purposeless being who just doesn’t like bad people, and the basis of good and bad in the movie are based on external attributes like integrity and loyalty. Rather than the biblical definition, which is that all of us are filthy to a perfect God, and in his grace he provides a way for us to be clean and GOOD in his eyes which is not by our own actions, but on the work of what Jesus did when he took our faults upon himself so we through him claim the goodness of God. This was the same in the day of Noah, God purposed a way for all men to be saved but not one accepted it except Noah and his family and God used this one believing family as the means to keep the hope of humanity alive. God is the one who created the plan to save humanity from itself, but this fact is lost in this film. Ultimately the movie will serve a purpose because it will challenge you to find the truth of Noah’s flood and bring up questions about this event. I cannot say whether one should watch or not watch this film, I am indifferent on that point, but as a Christian I must say if you do have your critical thinking cap tightly fitted.