Month: August 2014

Racial Tension–The Exterior Face of a Deeper Problem..

After many mornings of deep thought in my shower (that’s where I do my most profound thinking) it has occurred to me that through all the disputes from one side or the other, no one has addressed the issue that underlies the problem. On one side you have those who call on ethical and moral accountability from the authorities, on the other the authorities call on ethical and moral accountability from the citizens. The only problem is that when there is not an absolute standard(or a point of reference) to which defines these things then one is left with corruption in government and authority on one side and as a result anarchy on the side of the citizens. Though the call for a moral standard is loud, there is no content to which it can be achieved upon. Our judicial branch has made the law into a concept that is not concrete but into something that can be subjectively interpreted to mean whatever social media decides it to be. So I must say that our concept of law reflects the attitude of the people and of government; which is there are no absolutes in life. And sadly this is evident in the churches as well as many from inside Christianity have rejected the sufficiency of scripture as the true word of God. I personally do not hold police or government to a higher moral standard than any other civilian, because they like you and I are fallen men. So to expect perfection from humans especially when the structure they operate under is not that which rests on a higher standard than the lawmakers themselves is naive. The bigger issue is not the individuals but on the concept of law to which they carry out their duties under. If law becomes subjective to the authorities and the citizens then today’s issues are only the tip of the iceberg. Once again realize that on both sides we are dealing with fallen men who might not care anything but to further their own agendas. Nobody cares as much as they portray, the news doesn’t care, they do it for ratings. Leaders are after publicity, criminals are looting their own communities, racists are still racist, and all this while a young man is dead, along with many other people killed by white AND black hands. I do not justify any actions on either side because I was not their to witness the event, I can only speak on the public reaction. We yell “JUSTICE!” With no content, what standard are we appealing to with this word. You can’t have justice without a that which is just and unjust. Unless you scream in vain.