Novice to Expert..


In my profession, the margin for error is very slim. But it does not stop at the fact of making an overt error can influence another human beings health outcome. There is also the added factor of anticipatory care, which is being able to quickly diagnose a problem a patient might be having based on their symptoms. While most prudent nurses are able to this, it is the term “quickly” that is the issue with being a new nurse. No matter how many books you read, how many tests you take, what school you attended, it is rare that any disease process in decline presents itself in a text book manner. And I have found personally that experience is the best tutor in this aspect, it is experience in the field that gives a nurse those instincts to pick up things before they escalate to a crucial point. This is the present paradigm, while I understand this fact, I also understand I am fairly new to my profession. So I have to go through these experiences, and I thank God for them because they help me become a better nurse to help other patients. The hard part though I must say is looking back after the lesson learned, at what mistakes I made, and why I should have noticed this earlier, or did that earlier, knowing that a human being was the object of my lesson.


Racial Tension–The Exterior Face of a Deeper Problem..

After many mornings of deep thought in my shower (that’s where I do my most profound thinking) it has occurred to me that through all the disputes from one side or the other, no one has addressed the issue that underlies the problem. On one side you have those who call on ethical and moral accountability from the authorities, on the other the authorities call on ethical and moral accountability from the citizens. The only problem is that when there is not an absolute standard(or a point of reference) to which defines these things then one is left with corruption in government and authority on one side and as a result anarchy on the side of the citizens. Though the call for a moral standard is loud, there is no content to which it can be achieved upon. Our judicial branch has made the law into a concept that is not concrete but into something that can be subjectively interpreted to mean whatever social media decides it to be. So I must say that our concept of law reflects the attitude of the people and of government; which is there are no absolutes in life. And sadly this is evident in the churches as well as many from inside Christianity have rejected the sufficiency of scripture as the true word of God. I personally do not hold police or government to a higher moral standard than any other civilian, because they like you and I are fallen men. So to expect perfection from humans especially when the structure they operate under is not that which rests on a higher standard than the lawmakers themselves is naive. The bigger issue is not the individuals but on the concept of law to which they carry out their duties under. If law becomes subjective to the authorities and the citizens then today’s issues are only the tip of the iceberg. Once again realize that on both sides we are dealing with fallen men who might not care anything but to further their own agendas. Nobody cares as much as they portray, the news doesn’t care, they do it for ratings. Leaders are after publicity, criminals are looting their own communities, racists are still racist, and all this while a young man is dead, along with many other people killed by white AND black hands. I do not justify any actions on either side because I was not their to witness the event, I can only speak on the public reaction. We yell “JUSTICE!” With no content, what standard are we appealing to with this word. You can’t have justice without a that which is just and unjust. Unless you scream in vain.

Two Antithetical World Views..

man vs machoine

Basically what this sketch is is the ways people today view humanity in contrast to what the bible says. Today man is seen as just another part of the natural world, he has no more significance than a fish or tree, because in today’s thought we and the fish and the tree all share the same atoms and protons and electrons. So man is just a chemical reaction and has no true personal nature, no true significance and no true choice. So when you let this idea take hold, you loose the basis for accountability in man’s action and thus morality. Man becomes just a machine who acts of his natural chemical impulses. The bible says man is different, that man is created as a finite form of an infinite creator. And that he as a personal being has accountability to his actions. This can only be so if there is a God who unifies the whole of life, both in the natural (finite) and in the unseen. Because it is in his revelation that we can find a unity of all things.

The beautiful words of Francis Schaeffer “The God Who Is There”…

the God who is there

“Yet, on the other hand, we must stand against all the romantic concepts of perfection in this life. The bible does not promise us perfection in this life, except in the area of justification. It does not promise us in this life perfection morally, physically, psychologically or sociologically. There are to be moral victories and growth, but that is different from perfection. John could say “we”. Paul could indicate his own lack of perfection. There can be physical healing, but that does not mean that the one healed is then a perfect physical specimen. The day Lazarus was raised from the dead he may have had a headache, and certainly one day he died again. People can be wonderfully helped psychologically, but that does not mean that they will then be totally integrated personalities. The Christian position is understanding that on this side of the resurrection the call is to perfection, and yet at the same time not to smash and destroy what we cannot bring again to life–just simply because it is less than the perfections that we romantically build in our thinking.”

Ideological Implications…



The optimistic view that man on his own is “good” and can advance independent from God held by secular humanist was a bubble quickly burst after 2 world wars and millions of dead people, leading to pessimism and skepticism that ruled for decades in western civilization. The current postmodern subjective frame of mind most people are impaired with are the fruits of failed attempts by humanist to establish an absolute truth and standard apart from a creator. It seems as though humanity continuously attempts to erect structures without foundations (speaking ideologically), and wonder why they always collapse.

America was foundationally constructed under certain assumed absolute standards. And it is because of these standards most of western civilization and especially America has prospered to the extent it has, in comparison to its eastern counterparts who hold a more nihilistic view of life. But when you remove this foundation, as history has showed repeatedly, you will collapse. No matter how optimistic one is for the future, without an absolute standard of law and truth, you either have anarchy or totalitarianism.

As I look at the way things are currently with the uber acceleration to which moral standards are free falling from our culture, or a how law after law is redefined to accommodate the emotions of the time, rather than the intent to which it was first written, I am not surprised at the direction to which we are heading. We are harvesting the fruits to which we have sown. I hope we all can wake up and think, to quote an old rap song..”there is war going on outside, no man is safe from”… we need to fight before it is too late, and the first call to action is to THINK!

Real Life..

Patient looks and me and says, “Frank, how was your weekend? I hope it was good”

I replied, “yes it was, went out to eat with family, went to church too”

patient looks me dead in the eyes and says “Enjoy those moments, cherish them, because when your my age, the memories are all you got, it doesn’t matter how much money you make in life, because you can never make enough, you make 40, you want 50, you make 50 you want 60. Don’t fall for that mind set, it’s all an illusion that our minds play on us, this greed for money. Love the moments with your family, those are what you will remember. I know the Lord will be calling me soon and I don’t wanna be here when he does, so I’m going home to my wife, I wanna enjoy my family. We will see each other again.”

This conversation is tattooed on my heart………………..

Faith Alone Vs. Faith+Works..

Are We Saved by Faith Alone or (Faith + Works) According to James?

Context Verses: James 1: 2-4 James 1: 22-27


This term denotes the systematic study of the translation of written language and its interpretation. In order to truly understand the intentions of the author it is important for one to go back to the original language. Whenever scripture doesn’t coincide in or SEEMS to contradict is most likely an error of translation or a misunderstanding of context.

Key terms in James 2:14

What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works? Can that faith save him?

  • Use- ὄφελος [ophelos]: Advantage, help
  • Faith- πίστιν [pistis]: faith, belief, trust
  • Works- ἔργα [erga]: action, deed, labor
  • Save- σῶσαι [sōsai]: to save, heal, preserve ,rescue lFaith- πίστιν [pistis]: faith, belief, trust

Faith- πίστιν [pistis]: faith, belief, trust

Three ways faith can be used in scripture..

  1. Justifying faith as in the one that gives eternal life (context of the epistle rules this out, it is clear these are believers already James 1:2)
  2. Faith rest drill is the active application of the doctrine of scripture to a present situation (doing the word)
  3. Passive use of faith as  in what is believed or doctrine. The totality of knowledge of scripture.

The type of faith James speaks of is that which has to do with a doctrinal belief. A belief in a standard of living which then should guide our way of life, and is no advantage to us if we don’t apply it. What is the point of reading the bible if we are not going to do what it says. Our understanding of the bible becomes meaningless.

Save- σῶσαι [sōsai]: to save, heal, preserve ,rescue

3 meanings of “save”

  1. Phase 1 salvation (saved from eternal penalty of sin)
  2. Phase 2 sanctification (saved from the power of sin) though the sin nature is still active we are given the option by the holy spirit to live in a way that matures us as believers
  3. Phase 3 glorification (saved from the present of sin) absent from the body, face to face with God, will not be resurrected until the rapture

Save- σῶσαι

3 phases

Mark 3:4; Luke 9:56

James 2:21-24

Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up Isaac his son on the altar?

Justified- δικαιόω: To declare righteous, to validate, to justify, to vindicate

There are 2 types of justification the one that saves (God) and the one that validates faith (Man) before man, and also sanctifies. Romans 4:1-3/ Genesis 15:1-6

If Abraham was justified by works, that was good before men, but not before God. God’s justification is based on faith alone in Christ alone.

Abraham’s Work

Abraham receives the word in his 70’s or 80’s, Isaac isn’t born until Abraham is 100 and the almost sacrifice didn’t happen until Isaac was in his 20’s. Almost 40 years had passed since God’s promise to Abraham before the actual work in Genesis 22:1 referenced in the book of James occurs. So this work cannot be what saved Abraham in regards to eternal salvation because in Genesis 15:6 it states he already was a believer.

Keep in mind what the purpose of James is, how to persevere through times of testing! God gave Abraham a test in order to see whether he would apply what he knew about God and his character. So this epistle is does not contradict the scriptures as some would say but it shows that our works show the amount of faith (doctrine) we have acquired. Someone who states they have a doctrinal belief (faith) that is not applied (works) in their life, that persons belief (faith) is useless to them because they are not utilizing it. James has nothing to do with eternal security.



We are Justified by faith alone [Eph 2:8-9; Titus 3:5; Rom 11:6] in Christ alone and the instance one believes in the person and work of Christ they are imputed the perfect righteousness of God. This is phase 1 saved. The justification James is speaking of is the sanctification, which is to be validated by our actions in times of testing and adversity , we are to be able to use our belief and understanding (faith) of our doctrine as a means to make the right decisions. This is what saves us from the consequences of sin and carnality.

As we grow in our life as believers we will be tested repeatedly by God, through this test we are given the opportunities to move up a level in our maturity. We can either apply the word and pass[2 Peter 1:5-8], or choose with our flesh and fail and suffer [James 1:12-15]. Let us persevere, put off the old self, grow as  believers, apply your faith(doctrine) and push towards maturity. We have been set aside by God to receive the reward that no money can buy, let us live in a way that shows we are grateful, it is the least we can do.